Secret Point

The Secret Point was created to provide the guest a differentiated experience where there is a mixture of aquatic experiences and nature that will make your trip unforgettable. The rooms were designed to generate a feeling of being at home. Our lounge is large and airy, providing the conviviality and interaction between guests. Our ever-well-kept garden is a real invitation for a coffee on a sunny morning.


We have a wonderful pool with a waterfall and access for small children. Surrounded by green and two nets for you to rest, make beautiful photos. Enabling you to enjoy a beautiful sunset and hang out with friends.


A wide secret garden surrounded by fruit trees, treadmills for stretching and meditation. We provide slack line for you to train your balance and breathing is the perfect place for you to get in tune with the weather of Secret Point.

Gourmet Area

We create this space so that people can interact, fraternize in the climate of old friends. Enjoying a good meal, sharing experiences and adventures

Lounge Room

A large room overlooks the pool where you can sit on the couch after a long day of discovery. Our lounge is the ideal place to cheer for your team, access the internet and maybe even play a round of Chess or Backgammon ..


The perfect place to relax in a nice hammock by the pool. With a large and airy space where our guests can enjoy a rewarding day, chatting and listening to good music.

Water Time

Passion for water and speed aboard a jet ski. We have other options. Consult us about how to accomplish this and other adventures during your stay.


The perfect place to relax and enjoy a good barbecue among friends! With ample and airy space our guests can enjoy a hot day and watch the beautiful sunset of the Marvelous City.

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